Directions from Canary Wharf Underground Station

  • Exit the station using the escalators ensuring that you follow signs to Canary Wharf DLR (helpful hint – you should have a Neal’s Yard Remedies shop on your right as you ascend the escalator);
  • Turn right and head up either one of the staircases ahead of you (with Carluccios on your right), and turn left along the South Promenade.
  • Take the first right and walk to the end of that short road;
  • Turn left and head down the steps to your right;
  • You should now see a green/silver bridge in front of you – cross this, and the entrance to the Port East Building is just on the left as you are crossing. Enter the building and descend the internal stairs, we are right in front of you!

Directions from West India Quay DLR Station
Exit the station and walk along the Quay (you should have the water on your left and bars and restaurants on your right). We are located on the right in the Port East building. The outside of the building has black and white writing on. Enter this building and descend the internal stairs.

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Westferry DLR

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Unit 6, Port East Building
14 Hertsmere Road
E14 4Af

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Mon to Thurs: 9am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Sat: 9am-2pm


Canary Wharf Travel Clinic
Canary Wharf Travel Clinic
Canary Wharf Travel Clinic
Canary Wharf Travel Clinic



Complete Range Of Travel Inoculations

CityDoc is an established provider of travel heath services since 2006. With 150 + Clinics across the UK, competitive pricing and lead by a team of HIGHLY experienced general practitioners.

We are London’s largest travel clinic service. 50 + local London clinics for ease of access. Book your Travel vaccine consultation today by phone or online 24/7.

Our range of vaccinations includes:

The Essential Vaccinations

  1. Hepatitis A – a liver disease caused by a virus. Its easily transmitted from person-person from contact or consumption of contaminated food/water.
  2. Tetanus – caused by the bacterium Clostridium Tetani, which enters the body via wounds/abrasions, causing nervous system dysfunction and is potentially fatal.
  3. Typhoid – a highly infectious bacterial illness (caused by Salmonella Typhi), found predominately in countries with poor sanitation.


Vaccines For Consideration

  1. Cholera – caused the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, common in Africa, South East Asia and Haiti. Cholera is transmitted through contaminated food/water supplies.
  2. Hepatitis B – viral illness prevalent in developing countries across Africa and South East Asia. Leading cause of live cancer worldwide. Spread via blood/sex/mother to child.
  3. Japanese Encephalitis – caused by a virus which is passed from infected animals to humans via mosquitos. Found throughout rural parts of Asia, risk of infection greatest during and just after rainy season.
  4. Meningococcal Meningitis – bacterial inflammation of lining of brain. ACYW vaccine protects against 5 common strains.
  5. Rabies – viral illness transmitted from animals via bites. Affects central nervous system, and once symptoms appear death usually happens within a matter of days.
  6. Yellow Fever – is transmitted to humans via mosquito. Its found most commonly in Sub-Saharan Africa, South America and some parts of the Caribbean.


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