CityDoc Manchester Didsbury Private GP Clinic

CityDoc Manchester (Didsbury)

CityDoc Manchester is an ultra modern private clinic providing vaccine and sexual health services.

  • Walk In or guaranteed same day appointments
  • Care Quality Commission registered
  • We have all vaccines in stock.
  • Anti-malarials dispensed on site
  • STD Services

The clinic operates a specialist travel clinic service and has a full range of vaccines always in stock including rabies, chicken pox, BCGs, Japanese encephalitis and cholera.

Our clinic uses a prestigious Harley Street Laboratory for all its blood testing. Most results are available the same day and can be given by telephone or in person.

CityDoc Manchester (GP Didsbury) has a full range of of all primary care services.  Phone for Same Day Appointments or Book Online.

We operate a private clinic that is not suitable for “walk in”, please book an appointment by phone or online, we will most likely be able to see you on the same day.

  • Same Day Sexual Health Clinic. Book Monday-Friday by Telephone.
  • Fastest STD Testing. HIV/B/C/Syphilis Screen with results in 15 Minutes.
  • Experienced GP .
  • Insti HIV test. Results in 60 seconds.
  • No need for real names. Most tests do not require swabs.
  • Latest technology using leading Harley Street partner laboratory TDL
  • Fast Track Chlamydia testing with Same Day/Next Day results.
  • Treatments dispensed on site.
  • HPV Vaccinations for Men/Women

Latest STI Prevalence Figures Public Health England  2016

  • 4 % decline in STIs compared to 2015.
  • 74 % decrease in first episode warts (HPV) amongst 15-17 year old girls compared to 2009.
  • Greatest cases of new cases of syphilis since 1949.
  • 12 % decrease in Gonorrhoea and 8 % in warts in comparison to 2005
  • Chlamydia remains the most common STD in the UK.


Full blood STD results within 15-20 mins. Accurate from 28 days and conclusive from 90 days post exposure. Includes-

  • Instant HIV Test within 60 seconds (Antibody test) 99.96 % sensitive.
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (15 minutes)
  • Hepatitis C antibody (15 minutes)
  • Syphilis IGG/IGM Antibody screen (15 minutes)
  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea Simple Urine Test (1-2 working days) and optional Fast Track Result* Same Day/Next Day results £30 surcharge

Cost: £270 including consultation. £230 (Bloods only)


HIV Testing

Name of TestResults / TurnaroundPrice
Early HIV Test
From 10 days
Same Day Result (If taken before 12pm)

London Clinics Only
Instant Result HIV Test
From 45 days
Instant Result

Central London & Nationwide

Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea Testing

Name of TestResults / TurnaroundPrice
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test
From 14 days
Same Day Result (If taken before 12pm)

London Clinics - Plus selection of 2/3 Clinics Outside London

Full Sexual Health Screens

Name of TestAvailability / TurnaroundPrice
Early 10 Day HIV Test
Plus Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Screen
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 5 Working Days
Premier Screen from 28 days
Blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.
Urine/Swab test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 2 to 3 Working Days
Premier Screen with Herpes from 28 days
Blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C & Syphilis.
Urine / Swab test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
Blood for Herpes.
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 3 to 5 Working Days

Herpes Testing

Name of TestAvailability / TurnaroundPrice
Herpes Test By Blood
Central London Only - 2 Working Days£150

HPV Testing

Name of TestAvailability / TurnaroundPrice
HPV ScreenCentral London Only - 10-14 Working Days£220


Consultation Price
Initial ConsultLondon Clinics Only£150
Follow Up ConsultLondon Clinics Only£100

Cervical Smear

Name of TestResults / TurnaroundPrice
HPV Screen5 Working Days

London Clinics Only


Our online booking form only takes a few moments and time will be confirmed straight away by email.


For all other enquiries please email us or call on: 020 3794 6697

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