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Peterborough (Glinton)

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4 Rectory Lane,
Opening Hours:
Mon:9:00 to 18:30
Tue:9:00 to 18:30
Wed:9:00 to 18:30
Thu:9:00 to 18:30
Fri:9:00 to 18:30

Our CityDoc in-pharmacy clinic is located in Peterborough (Glinton). The pharmacy offers travel healthcare advice and travel vaccinations. If you are travelling to another country and are unsure of which vaccines you will need, make an appointment with our experienced travel vaccination advisor. We can offer a quick and easy booking system both online and by phone for your desired service as well as last minute and walk in appointments.

About the Clinic

Make an appointment to see our pharmacists in Glinton, Peterborough who can advise on any travel vaccinations you may need when travelling abroad.

Travel Services

CityDoc Peterborough (Glinton) is a convenient and affordable in-pharmacy travel clinic that provides vaccinations for your travels across the World. Our professionals will assess what you need depending on where you’re going, as well as any pre-existing medical conditions. You can visit our clinic without an appointment or book online 24/7.

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Health Screening

We offer a private GP service that includes comprehensive blood tests should you need them for work, travel or general health screenings.

Travel Vaccinations

Sexual Healthcare

Health Screening

Covid 19 Testing