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In-person Antibody Tests At Our Nationwide Clinics

We can offer antibody testing service to people based near a selection of our nationwide clinics. Tests done here can be sent to our lab the same day. Results are processed within 24 to 48 hours of arriving at the lab. This is the most efficient way to be tested quickly.

Please note that antibody tests can only be done in the clinic and by appointment only.

Antibody Test Price

Antibody Point of Care (Finger Prick Test) – £75

Antibody Intravenous (Blood Test) – £175

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Who is the Antibody test for?

The antibody test screens your blood for the presence of covid-19 coronavirus antibodies.

A positive result means that you have had a covid-19 infection in the past.

Please note that the global scientific community does not yet know if you can catch covid-19 more than once. The presence of antibodies does not mean you are protected from covid-19.

If you currently have coronavirus symptoms, our Covid-19 PCR test may give you a more useful result.

What do the accuracy rates for covid-19 testing mean?

Trials show that the antibody test we use has an accuracy rate of 98.8%. This means the test can detect 98.8% of all people who have had previous infection. So if we test 250 people who have had a confirmed case of covid-19, we would expect to get 247 positive results.

Your result

What should I do if my covid-19 antibody test is positive?

If your covid-19 antibody test is positive and you have no symptoms you should continue to take the usual steps to avoid infection, as we do not know whether covid-19 infection confers immunity.
If your covid-19 antibody test is positive and you have symptoms you should follow the current government advice at the NHS covid-19 website.

What should I do if my covid-19 antibody test is negative?

A negative covid-19 antibody test means that you do not have antibodies for covid-19. But it does not mean you are not currently infected with covid-19. If you have been exposed to covid-19 or if you have covid-19 symptoms follow the current government advice on the NHS covid-19 website.

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