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COVID19 Border Entry Test

Please consult the latest Foreign Office guidance on the suitability of this test for your destination. Some destinations may require a swab or a test that is administered by a professional. Due to the constantly changing global environment, CityDoc is unable to provide specific guidance on this. All purchases are at your own risk. 

Travel restrictions are changing every day during the current covid-19 pandemic situation. Many countries now require a clean COVID 19 test in order to enter through customs and immigration. You may also want to get tested for your own peace of mind so that you know you’ve done everything in your power to avoid infecting others on your journey. We are now able to offer collection using a PCR COVID19 Test, which makes the self-testing process easier.

In general, the tests need to be processed between three and five days before the flight departure but please confirm the details required by your specific destination. You can read the most up-to-date guidance on the Foreign Office website here.
Our COVID19 PCR BORDER ENTRY TEST KIT uses a simple test kit to obtain a sample (either saliva or via a swab) which is then analysed in our lab using a technique called a PCR test. This test will confirm whether you are currently infected with the COVID 19 virus. We suggest that your order your test kit pack as soon as you can and keep it safe until your test date. The test kits are non perishable and require no special storage. Please check which date you need to take your test to meet your particular requirements before you purchase a kit online, this will vary from country to country.
If you need to test on a Saturday or Sunday, the Saliva Kit postal service will NOT be suitable for you. You will need to come into one of our London-based clinics. Please contact us to make a booking. 


Get tested in our London Clinics for just £200

If possible, we recommend attending our London clinics. The samples taken here are taken to our labs by couriers and will begin processing next morning. Please note a reduced service applies on weekends.

We have 7 clinics, operating 7 days a week, at some locations:

  • Moorgate (Monday – Sunday)
  • Canary Wharf (Monday – Friday)
  • Soho (Monday – Friday)
  • Victoria (Monday – Friday)
  • Kings Cross (Monday – Friday)
  • London Bridge (Monday – Friday)
  • London Shard (Monday – Friday)

Please order home testing kits if you are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms as you will be denied access to the clinic.

To make a booking please book an appointment online or contact our booking line.


020 3794 6697


1. Purchasing Your Test Online

If you place your order prior to 12pm Monday – Friday, your order will be dispatched the same day and delivered to you the following day. If it has not been received in the expected timeframe, please contact [email protected].

Orders placed after 12pm on Friday or over the weekend will be dispatched on Monday and delivered to you on Tuesday.

When sending your test sample to the laboratory, please take note of the Royal Mail tracking number underneath the barcode on your postage sticker. This can be used to track your parcel’s delivery to the laboratory.

2. Taking Your Home Sample

Your kit will include a simple sample collection device with comprehensive instructions on how to complete your test in just a few minutes. Once you have correctly taken your sample, simply follow the instructions and return the sample to our lab using the pre-paid postage bag included in the test kit.

Please note that you must register your test kit when you take the sample – this is the date that will show on your certificate.

3. Returning your test via Royal Mail Priority Postboxes

Royal Mail are providing a special set of arrangements for the transportation of test samples. You can read more about it here and find your closest Royal Mail Priority Postbox. Samples returned via Royal Mail Priority Post Boxes should reach the lab in the following 24 hours. Once a sample is delivered to the lab, the lab usually up to 72 hours to process the test, though it can sometimes take longer.

If you no longer need to get tested and you are returning your testing kit, a handling fee of £30 will be deducted from your refund amount. This is to cover the costs of ensuring the kit is fit to be sent on to another customer.

Please note that the postal service is not suitable for those with a Saturday or Sunday ‘test’ date as your test will not be processed until Monday.

4. Getting Your Results

In general, once your test arrives at our lab facility, you should have a result emailed to you within 72 hours. This timeframe is a guideline, not a guarantee. Please ensure this meets your travel requirements prior to ordering. In particular please take weekends into account as there is a drastically reduced service available over the weekend.

What should I do if my covid-19 PCR swab test is positive?

If your covid-19 PCR test is positive, please follow the national guidelines. You and your household will need to isolate and cancel your travel.

For more information go to the NHS covid-19 website. Do not visit a health centre such as a hospital, Clinic, GP surgery or Pharmacy unless instructed.

What should I do if my covid-19 PCR swab test is negative?

A negative PCR test means that you were not infected with covid-19 when you took the test. If you have no symptoms, you can continue with your travel plans as normal with the approved fit to fly lab results.

Unclear or inconclusive tests

A small number of tests may come back as unclear or inconclusive. This simply means it was not possible to say if you had the virus when the test was done. There are a number of reasons why this might happen and it unfortunately means you will need to be tested again. We will not charge you for an inconclusive or unclear result – we will either refund you, send out a new test kit or book you into one of our clinics.

NB: CityDoc will not be liable for losses incurred as a result of an unclear or inconclusive test. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All customers purchasing these tests must use their own judgement about the best date to purchase, carry out and return the test to us. The company cannot take responsibility for any test timelines and associated outcomes affecting travel. Unfortunately the company can provide no absolute guarantee as to when you will receive your result as all UK labs are currently experiencing extreme delays.

What does the PCR COVID 19 test involve?

The COVID-19 PCR test kit requires a sample to be collected and sent back to our accredited UK laboratory for testing. The test kit that we send you has full instructions that are easy to follow. It contains a sterile kit for collecting a sample. You then send the sample to our lab in the postage-paid envelope.

Are delivery costs included in the PCR COVID 19 test prices?

All delivery charges are included in the test prices. If you use a postal test, the kit comes with a postage-paid packet for the return of your sample.

What should I do if I have COVID 19  symptoms when I am due to travel?

If you have covid-19 symptoms you should follow the advice of the NHS. Airlines have the right to refuse travel to anyone they believe is not fit to fly so if staff suspect you have symptoms such as a fever or new persistent cough you may be turned away.

What steps can I take to protect myself and others from covid-19 when I travel?

As well as getting tested for covid-19 before travelling, follow the rules at the airport and during the flight. Engage with social distancing, handwashing and face covering advice in particular. The UK Government has some specific advice to help you when you fly.

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