At Work, For Home & Travel
At Home, For Work & Travel


Covid-19 Antibody Test


  • Test whether you have had Covid-19 in the past
  • Fast delivery by courier
  • At home or work testing overseen by our tele-nurse
  • Test results in just 15 minutes
  • Certificate of outcome provided
  • 98.8% sensitivity for presence of antibodies



Covid-19 PCR Swab Test


  • Test to see if you have an active case of coronavirus
  • Fast delivery by courier
  • Test at home with swab
  • Accurate test lab sampling
  • All postage costs included
  • 99.9% Accuracy with correct swab technique using our accredited UK laboratory



Covid-19 PCR Test Signed By Our Medical Team For Travel


  • Some countries require a PCR test signed by a doctor
  • Test to see if you have an active case of coronavirus
  • London clinic in-person tests
  • Or Nationwide fast delivery by courier
  • Tests need to be processed from 5 days to 3 days before the flight departure
  • Lab results approved & signed by doctor



CityDoc provides easy, reliable tests for covid-19 with quick results

Covid-19 testing in your home or workplace for your safety and convenience. Receive reliable results quickly.

CityDoc is a trusted provider of expert medical services at our clinics throughout the UK. Established in 2006, we now have more than 150K registered clients.

We provide reliable, trustworthy covid-19 tests to individuals and to organisations that allow you to take a sample at home or in your workplace. Get your results within three to five working days of ordering.

Wholesale arrangements are possible – please do enquire on 020 3794 6697.

What tests are there for covid-19?

We offer two different tests:

You can take these tests in your home or at your workplace.

Who should take the covid-19 Antibody test?

The antibody test is for people who think they might have had covid-19 and recovered from it, or who think they might have had a case without symptoms. The antibody test will give you peace of mind if you are wondering whether you have had covid-19.

What does the covid-19 Antibody test involve?

You are probably wondering how you test yourself for covid-19, please see our video below for instructions.

How do I book an appointment with the tele-nurse?

After buying the Antibody test, please call on 020 3794 6697 to arrange a suitable time. As shown in the video below, you will be sent an email with a link to log into the tele service.

Who should take the covid-19 PCR test?

Anyone who is worried that they been exposed to covid-19 can take the PCR test. You may be experiencing covid-19 symptoms or you may think you have been exposed to covid-19.

Or you may be caring for a person who is particularly vulnerable to covid-19 and want to check yourself for your own peace of mind.

If you have covid-19 symptoms, then you need to self-isolate to protect others.

When do I get the results of my PCR covid-19 test?

The whole process takes three to five working days.

Orders placed before 12pm will be sent same day usually by DPD courier next-day delivery.

When you receive your kit, carry out the test and send the sample back in the postage-paid 1st class Royal Mail envelope provided.

We will test your sample the day we receive it or the next day. We can give you the results of your test for covid-19 as soon as the test is done. You can get your results over the phone, or you can view them on our website. Our patient care representatives are ready to help you interpret your covid-19 test results and to help you understand the next steps.

CityDoc is registered with the Care Quality Commission and the same body has given permission to CityDoc to carry out these covid-19 tests under its registered services.


General Enquiries

For all covid-19 related enquiries before you buy a test or if you have any questions about your order or test result, please feel to get in touch by email.

Email: [email protected]


Covid-19 testing for the workplace

Protection for business, industries & corporate entities

CityDoc has provided healthcare services since 2006 and presently assists over 50,000 patients a year. We specifically provide screening and have excellent industry knowledge and experience in all related matters.

We can help you create a bespoke testing programme that will minimise disruption to your activities and protect your workforce, clients and service users with a fast turnaround time.

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