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PCR Covid-19 Saliva Test

We are now able to offer sample collection using a saliva test, which makes the self-testing process easier.

The PCR test looks for the presence of the covid-19 virus on a sample of saliva specimen, it is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms is actively infected with the virus. Your PCR test result will allow you to make correct decisions about self-isolating to protect yourself or others.

If you require a PCR Swab Kit, please visit our PCR Swab Test Kit Page

If you are using this test to fly

Please consult the latest Foreign Office guidance on the suitability of this test for your destination. Due to the constantly changing global environment and entry requirements, CityDoc is unable to provide specific guidance on whether a specific test is suitable for your destination. All purchases are at your own risk.

If you no longer need your testing kit and wish to return it, a processing fee of £30 will be deducted from your refund to cover the costs of handling returns. If the sample kit has been interfered with in any way, no refund will be applied.


Our London Clinic Appointments – PCR tests £200

If possible, we recommend attending our London clinics. The samples taken here are taken to our labs by couriers and will begin processing next morning. Please note a reduced service applies on weekends.

  • Moorgate (Monday – Sunday)
  • Canary Wharf – not operating throughout lockdown
  • Victoria (Monday – Friday)
  • London Bridge (Monday – Friday)
  • London Shard (Monday – Friday)

Please order home testing kits if you are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms as you will be denied access to the clinic.

Please call us on:
020 3794 6697


Our Postal Service

A postal testing service is available from the website if you cannot get to London. If you order a kit before 12 midday Monday – Friday, it will be shipped the same day and should arrive with you the following day.  Orders placed after midday on Friday, will not be dispatched until Monday.
Please consult the latest Foreign Office guidance for your specific requirements. Due to the constantly changing global environment, CityDoc is unable to provide specific guidance on this. All purchases are at your own risk. 
Samples must be returned to the lab via Royal Mail Priority Post Boxes. Please post these before 12pm to ensure it reaches the lab in approx. 24 hours. Please note: if you need to take your test on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and have a 72 hour sample window, the postal service will not be suitable for you due to weekend postage delays. 
Results are usually released approx. 48-72 hours from the time it is received by the laboratory. Please note, this timeframe is a guideline, not a guarantee. Due to the level of pressure on the system at present, there is a risk of occasional delay.
NB: CityDoc is not liable for losses incurred as a result of a delay in receiving your results. 

Please note that you must register your test kit when you take the sample – this is the date that will show on your certificate. If you register sooner, your certificate may be outside of your required window. 

All customers purchasing these tests must use their own judgement about the best date to purchase, carry out and return the test to us. The company cannot take responsibility for any test timelines and associated outcomes affecting travel.

How to order your postal PCR covid-19 test

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What do the accuracy rates for covid-19 testing mean?

Trials from our accredited UK laboratory have established a 99% accuracy rate for the PCR test we use. This means that if we test 100 people with an active infection, we can expect to get 99 positive results. So the test identifies 99% of people with an active covid-19 infection. Our test is sensitive to fewer than 100 copies of the target viral RNA, making it a highly accurate test.

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What should I do if my covid-19 PCR test is positive?

If your covid-19 PCR test is positive our patient care representative will talk you through the next steps. You and your household will need to isolate.
For more information go to the NHS covid-19 website. Do not visit a health centre such as a hospital, GP surgery or pharmacy. Do not come to one of our clinics.

What should I do if my covid-19 PCR test is negative?

A negative PCR test means that you were not infected with covid-19 when you took the test. If you have no symptoms, you can continue as normal. However, if you have symptoms, follow the advice on the NHS covid-19 website.

Unclear or inconclusive tests

A small number of tests may come back unclear or inconclusive. This simply means it was not possible to say if you had the virus when the test was done. There are a number of reasons why this might happen and it unfortunately means you will need to be tested again. We will not charge you for an inconclusive or unclear result – we will either refund you in full, send out a new test kit or book you into one of our clinics for a repeat test.

NB: CityDoc will not be liable for losses incurred as a result of an unclear or inconclusive test. 

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