Protection For Business & Corporate Entities
Protection For Business & Corporate Entities

Covid-19 testing for the workplace

Protection for business, industries & corporate entities

Please note that this test is for outbound travel from the UK and is not suitable for Inbound travellers seeking to take advantage of the UK Government’s Test To Release program. To purchase tests for this purposes please visit

For the last 15 years CityDoc Healthcare have been at the forefront of the UK’s corporate and clinical testing landscape. Across our locations in the UK we deliver daily a wide range of testing and vaccination services for our patients. Unlike many other opportunistic providers this has been our ‘bread and butter’ business for over a decade in which we’ve been proud to build long standing, repeat customer relationships.  

In relation to COVID19; we specialise in building custom return to work and testing programs, either as once off exercise or regular testing, catering for 10 to 10,000 employees. We are currently working with airlines, rail companies, cruise ships as well as more office based businesses; law firms, accountancy, big tech etc.

We can help you create a bespoke testing programme that will minimise disruption to your activities and protect your workforce, clients and service users with a fast turnaround time.

Please note for bulk orders of 10 or less tests you can order direct from our website service here.

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Covid-19 information for the workplace

Social distancing and hand hygiene may not be enough to prevent dangerous covid-19 workplace outbreaks

Some people can be infected with covid-19 without realising and they can infect their colleagues who may suffer a more serious case. Covid-19 symptoms closely resemble those of colds and flu, and some cases have been asymptomatic.

Experts expect that the pandemic will be characterised by regional clusters and spikes of infection. Through regular testing you can keep covid-19 out of your organisation.

Covid-19 and your workplace

The covid-19 pandemic is a concern for all employers. The fast-moving science, policy changes and conflicting advice from different sources leave employers with difficult decisions to make about workplace testing and safety. Let us take the doubt and worry out of your back-to-work covid-19 processes.

Covid-19 risk assessment for the workplace

CityDoc can help you assess the risk of covid-19 infection in your workplace. We can work with your health and safety and HR teams to improve infection control, social distancing and company efficiency.

We can also provide regular screening for your work force. We make a bespoke recommendation for each company.

You’re in expert hands with CityDoc

During the covid-19 pandemic crisis, responsible employers turn to the experts to keep their workforce and clients safe.

If you can quickly identify covid-19 infections within your organisation you can act fast to protect your workers and their families and your clients, learners and service users. Preventing infections will also keep staff absences and disruption to a minimum.

How to test your employees for Covid-19?

In many sectors workforce covid-19 testing is a must to keep your staff and clients safe. We offer two different tests, the covid-19 PCR test and the covid-19 antibody test.

The PCR test shows whether there was a covid-19 infection present when the sample was taken

The PCR test looks for the presence of the covid-19 virus on swabs taken from the throat. It looks for the presence of the virus’s RNA (genetic material). It is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms is actively infected with the virus.

By confirming covid-19 infection you and your staff can make accurate, assured decisions about sick leave, self-isolation and support.

The antibody test indicates whether there has been a previous covid-19 infection

The antibody test screens blood for the presence of covid-19 antibodies. During an infection with covid-19 (or indeed any virus) the body produces antibodies (blood proteins) to fight off the virus. The body continues making antibodies in case it encounters the virus again. So a person who has recovered from covid-19 would have covid-19 antibodies in their blood. A sample of blood can be tested for the presence of these antibodies.A person with antibodies to a virus means they may recover more quickly from an infection, or not get ill at all.

However, please note that we do not yet know if it is possible to catch covid-19 more than once, and the scientific community does not agree how much protection covid-19 antibodies confer. A positive antibody test result does not guarantee protection from or immunity to covid-19.

What do the covid-19 workplace tests involve?

Swab PCR testing

We offer PCR swab testing, which involves taking a sample from the nose and throat. This sample can be tested to show whether there is an active covid-19 infection.

Methodology: employees collect a sample for testing by swabbing their own nose and throat. This can be done at home, or in a workplace setting.

Turnaround: three working days after the sample reached the lab.

Antibody testing

A positive antibody test result does not guarantee protection from or immunity to covid-19. The World Health Organization has advised there is “no evidence that people who have recovered from covid-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”

However, these tests can be used to show who has had the virus, which may be helpful to some employers.

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