Dengue Fever in Brazil

As of 3 December 2013, the Federal District of Brazil has recorded 11 618 cases of dengue fever. Cases continue to be reported from other states of the country:Litoral area of Sao Paulo state, 36 153 cases and 7 deaths. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, 96 397 confirmed cases. Para state, 16 868 cases; municipalities most affected include: (cases reported/cases confirmed): Santarem 2708/863 cases, Belem 1473/392 cases, Parauapebas 945/558 cases, (susp. only) Maraba 547 cases, Ananindeua 489 cases, (conf. only) Oriximina 382 cases, Ruropolis 292 cases. Mato Grosso state, 44 600 cases, municipalities most affected: Cuiaba 3593 cases, Rondonopolis 3217 cases, Sinop 8429 cases, Varzea Grande 787 cases.

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