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Early STD Screens

Earliest HIV Screening 


The early Screen utilises DNA testing to provide highly accurate results for HIV and Hepatitis C from 10 days after exposure. The screen uses PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology, which amplifies viral genetic material. The test is both sensitive and specific allowing detection of even very small numbers of viral particles to provide early diagnosis.

The Early Screen has revolutionised testing for HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing the window period (the time from infection to the detection of the virus) from 28-90 days to just 10 days.

Options include-

Rapid Expert HIV Test  (Flagship Clinics-Moorgate, Oxford Circus and Canary Wharf only)

Introducing our Rapid Expert HIV test. This extremely accurate DNA HIV test, provides Same Day/Next Day results. Our partner laboratory is the prestigious TDL (The Doctors Laboratory).

Early HIV Screen (Nationwide)

At our other nationwide clinics-our alternative earliest test is the Early HIV Screen. This screen provides accurate results using DNA (PCR) testing from 10 days after contact for both HIV 1 and 2 and hepatitis C. Results are available within 4-6 working days (Rest of UK).


HIV Testing

Name of TestAvailability / TurnaroundPrice
HIV Duo Test
From 28 Days
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 2 to 3 Working Days
Early HIV Test
From 10 days
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 5 Working Days
Instant Result HIV Test
From 28 days
Central London & Nationwide - Instant£110

Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea Testing

Name of TestAvailability / TurnaroundPrice
Fast Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test
From 14 days
Central London - Same Day

Nationwide - 2 to 3 Working Days

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