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General Medical (GP) Service fees

Medical Service Prices

Consultations Flagship London Clinics (Moorgate, The Shard, Canary Wharf)

Sexual Health Consultation£60
Nurse Consultation (15 minutes)£45

Investigations/Imaging (Moorgate, The Shard, Canary Wharf).  

Require Mandatory Nurse Consultation Fee  in addition – Telephone Booking Only



National Vaccination Services 150 + Locations

Travel Vaccines (Price per dose)

Initial Vaccine Assessment £10*
* A £10 consult fee is charged at the initial vaccine assessment.
This fee does not apply to followup visits.
Cholera£32.50 per dose, 2 doses

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio£45
Hepatitis A (Adult)£70
Hepatitis B (Adult)£60
Hepatitis A and B (Adult)£80
Hepatitis A (Paeds)£70
Japanese Encephalitis £110 per dose, 2 doses
Measles Mumps Rubella£50 - Subject to Availability
Meningitis ACYW £72
Rabies£72 per dose, 3 doses
Yellow Fever including certification£75
Chickenpox£75 per dose, 2 doses
Hepatitis B (Paeds)£60
Hepatitis A and B (Paediatric)£80 - select locations
HPV Vaccine£180 per dose, 3 doses
Pneumonia£70 London Only
Meningitis B£165 per dose.
Telephone Booking Only
Whooping Cough Vaccine £95. Telephone Booking Only
BCG Vaccine £85. Central London. Telephone to Book
Shingles Vaccine Currently Not Available

Speciality Vaccines (Price per dose)

Varivax (chickenpox)£80 per dose (Two dose course)
MMR Combined Vaccine£50 per dose (Two dose course)
Gardasil 9£180 per dose (Three dose course-Select locations see vaccine page)
Group B Meningitis£165 per dose. Schedule depends on age.
Whooping Cough Vaccine £95 (Moorgate, Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf and select locations see vaccine page)
BCG Vaccine***£85 (Tel appt only Flagship GP Clinics)
Mantoux Test***£80 (Tel appt only Flagship GP Clinics)
New Shingles Vaccine
£250 Temporary Manufacturer Delay. Email booking enquiries to [email protected]
Shingles Vaccine
£250 (Select location see vaccine page)
Hayfever Injection£75


Duplicate Yellow Fever Certificate£25
Duplicate International Vaccination Certificate£20
Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate£30

All medical services exempt from VAT.

*Available at Flagship London Clinics-Canary Wharf/Moorgate/The Shard Only

**Available at GP Clinics-Canary Wharf/Moorgate/The Shard 

***Available at select Clinics including Canary Wharf/Moorgate/The Shard- see webpage

****PCO Medical (Client Required to bring copy NHS GP Records and will need separate Optician review)

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