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Gonorrhoea is the 2nd commonest bacterial STI after Chlamydia. It is caused by the bacteria, Neiserria gonorrhoea, which is acquired through oral, anal or vaginal intercourse.

The Illness

50% of women will not have symptoms of gonorrhoea, but in the majority of men, symptoms will be present and can develop from 2 to 10 days after acquiring the infection.

Symptoms in Men

Pain/discomfort on passing urine
Discharge from the penis
Can affect the testicles-causing pain and swelling.
Can also cause arthritis to the joints, such as the knee.

Symptoms in Women

Pain on passing urine
Abnormal vaginal discharge
Bleeding in between periods
Bleeding after intercourse
Pain on intercourse
Lower abdominal or pelvic pain

In women, untreated Gonorrhoea infection can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which may damage the fallopian tubes. This is a risk factor for ectopic pregnancies (where the pregnancy occurs outside the womb) and infertility.

As well as affecting the genital region, Gonorrhoea can also cause infection of the throat and rectum, which is particularly likely to occur after oral intercourse and anal intercourse respectively.

Diagnosis of Gonorrhoea

The test of choice is a NAAT test (Nucleic acid amplification test), as it is highly sensitive. This can be performed on a urine sample (as long as the bladder has not been emptied for 2 hours) or a swab from the vagina in women and the penis in men.

For individuals with rectal or throat symptoms or who have had oral or anal exposure, a rectal swab or a throat swab should also be performed.


Gonorrhoea is treated with a single injection of an antibiotic called Ceftriaxone 500mg, Plus a single dose of the 1 gram of the oral antibiotic, azithromycin

Treatment for Gonorrhoea is only available at CityDoc Moorgate/Oxford Circus. There is a mandatory Sexual health consultation fee if no sexual screen is purchased plus treatment fee.

With Gonorrhoea, it is advised to have a follow up test done 2-3 weeks later to check the infection has cleared.

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