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We provide comprehensive destination specific travel vaccine advice, the latest travel health alerts, malaria prevention strategies and general travel health safety information.
We provide comprehensive destination specific travel vaccine advice, the latest travel health
alerts, malaria prevention strategies and general travel health safety information.




Travel Clinics London

CityDoc is London’s first choice provider for all your travel health needs.

With over 40 + London Travel clinics, we are London’s Largest travel clinic network. A trusted brand, established since 2006.

We have expanded rapidly to allow local access to expert travel advice.

Travel Vaccinations London

We have an extensive range of all travel vaccinations. We provide expert travel health consultations.

Providing same day appointments at all our London vaccination clinic locations and you can book online 24/7.

Specialist Vaccine Providers

At CityDoc we additionally offer specialist London Vaccination Services. Including:

  • Chickenpox
  • Shingles
  • BCG Vaccinations
  • HPV (Human papilloma Virus Vaccinations)
  • Healthcare worker vaccine services

All our London travel clinics are registered yellow fever centres and have anti-malarials on site. We provide the latest up to date destination specific travel health advice

With 40+ travel clinics across London, CityDoc is your local leading provider of travel vaccines.

Travel Safe and prepare for your trip 4-6 weeks in advance when possible

For last minute travellers, we offer Same Day appointments. with our travel health experts who will carry out a full risk assessment. With our competitive and clear pricing structure plus unmatched coverage with clinics across Central and Greater London. CityDoc is your first choice trusted provider.


Up-to-date Travel Health Advice Using TRAVAX

Our Travel health clinicians, use Travax (The Travel and International Health Team of Health Protection Scotland) to enable us, to provide the latest destination specific travel advice.

Travax is a highly regarded NHS travel health resource. It was founded in 1985 and is continually updated in -light of new outbreaks or changes in vaccination protocols.

London’s Largest Travel Health Network

CityDoc offers a standardised approach towards travel health care according to latest evidence based information and has strict standard governance procedures at all our 100 + locations. We formulate our recommendations on the Green Book (Immunisation against infectious Disease) and constantly review the latest infectious disease worldwide outbreaks.

With CityDoc you will receive personalised recommendations from a trained medical professional. All medical information is held on our secure online data base, which can be accessed from any of our Nationwide locations for ease of access.

Competitively Priced Travel Consultations

CityDoc regularly reviews our pricing structure regularly, to ensure we provide both competitive and transparent pricing. There are no hidden additional fees, you simply pay for the vaccines themselves. No consultation or administration charges.

Additionally we have developed an essential package of the most commonly required travel vaccines at a discounted price.

The Essential Travel Vaccinations


VaccineNumber of doses within courseInterval between dosesDuration of protection
Hepatitis A2 doses2nd dose administered 6-12 months later25 Yrs
Tyhoid1 doseN/A3 Yrs
Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio1 dose
(Provided childhood course has already been given)
N/A10 Yrs

Required Travel Vaccines

Certain countries have mandatory vaccination requirements for entry, to protect their citizens from the importing or spreading of certain diseases.

Those countries that require this are either countries where the disease is already present or where they have the potential to occur. For example India, where they have the specific species of mosquito which act as hosts for the yellow fever virus but don’t have any actual cases of yellow fever.  Proof is in the form of an international vaccination certificate.

Yellow Fever Certification

Various countries demand a yellow fever certificate from all travellers on entry, others only if you are coming from an infected country. The requirements are complex, see one of our trained experts for a travel health assessment. Yellow Fever, although rare is often a fatal illness. Vaccination, will confer immunity for life.

It is a live vaccination and cannot be routinely administered to travellers who are immunocompromised, unless the benefit outweighs the risks

Polio Certification

Polio is caused by a virus found in your gastrointestinal system, which spreads via an oral-faecal mechanism often generally because  of poor hygiene.

Travellers visiting high risk countries for Polio such as Pakistan and Nigeria may be required to show proof of inoculation.

Our travel health clinicians will provide you with the latest recommendations from Travax.

Routine Travel Vaccines

Routine vaccinations are those where you should have already completed the full initial course during childhood/adolescence. Please always bring your vaccination record to your travel clinic appointment, so we can review your vaccine history and make sure that you have received all your routine inoculations as a child.

Routine immunisations include-

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Meningitis C

Where necessary we can offer a vaccination jab, within a few days of departure. We look to provide the nest protection possible within the limitations of your individual travel schedules.

Commonly Recommended Travel Vaccinations

We will undertake an initial travel health risk assessment, to determine the most appropriate vaccine recommendations for your trip.  This assessment will take account of various factors including age, type of holiday, activities , duration,  past medical history, current medication, previous reactions to vaccines and future travel plans.

Our advice will include mention of those vaccines strongly recommended for a particular trip and others to consider based on your general lifetime risk of travel.

Commonly recommended jabs include:

Hepatitis A

An viral illness which infects the liver. This is the most commonly recommended vaccination for travel, as it affects many countries across the World. The majority of infected individuals make complete recoveries. Travellers are typically infected when eat contaminated food/water.

Age rangeNumber of dosesInterval Between dosesBooster Requirement
From 1 year of age2 doses6-12 monthsBooster required after 25 years for ongoing risk


Typhoid fever  is a significant bacterial disease transmitted when travellers ingest contaminated food/drinks. It is most commonly found in developing world countries with poor sanitation.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of doses
From 2 years of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 dose


Diphtheria  is a bacterial disease which affects the respiratory system. It is transmitted from person-person usually through coughing/sneezing. It is a particular issue in developing countries such as sub-Saharan Africa. In severe forms, death can occur from respiratory failure.

Tetanus is a serious infection caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani’s spores, which are found in soil dust and animal faeces. These spores enter the body through cuts and wounds causing devastating harm to the nervous system.  Death can occur when the nervous supply to the muscles concerned with the respiratory system are affected. Tetanus is found  worldwide but certain countries are considered more high risk.

Polio is a viral illness which affects the spinal cord and central nervous system of infected individuals. Spread because of poor sanitation from person-person. The virus itself is swallowed and transmitted to the blood stream. From the blood stream it gains access to the nervous system. Paralysis the most severe complication occurs in a small minority of those affected and many will improve greatly but some never recover.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of dosesBooster Requirement
From 10 yrs of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 doseBooster required every 10 yrs if travelling to developing countries


Sometimes Recommended Vaccines

Hepatitis B

Is a viral illness which infects the liver and can result in cirrhosis and liver failure for a minority of those infected. It is recognized as the leading cause of liver cancer worldwide and is completely preventable through vaccination.The condition is spread via blood and sexual intercourse. It is a classed  sexually transmitted infection. It can be additionally transmitted vertically from a mother to child.



Rabies is a very serious viral infection which carries a 100 % mortality rate once symptoms have developed.  The virus is most typically contracted from a bite from an infected animal. The virus being found within the animal’s saliva (most commonly a dog) and travels readily to spinal cord and brain where is causes a severe inflammatory process. In some parts of the world, other animals such as bats, cats and monkeys can transmit the disease. The most commonly affected regions of the World are Asia, Africa and South America.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of DosesInterval Between Doses
From Birth onwards

Standard Schedule
Intramuscular injection to the thigh or deltoid depending on age3 doses2nd dose given minimum 7 days after first and third dose given minimum 14 days after 2nd dose.
From Birth onwards

Accelerated Schedule
(where insufficient time for standard)
Intramuscular injection to the thigh or deltoid depending on age3 doses2nd dose given at least 3 days after first dose and 3rd dose given at least 4 days after 2nd. Followed by a 4th dose 12 months after dose 3.

Which Vaccinations For My Destination?

Which vaccinations for my destination

Our travel health professionals will provide you with up to date destination specific advice.

Book your travel consultation appointment today.

Walk In or Same Day Appointments available.*

CityDoc -The Trusted Vaccine experts

CityDoc is a trusted provider of travel vaccines at clinics throughout the UK. Established in 2006 we have over 250 000 registered clients. Led by a team of Experienced General Practitioners.

CityDoc provides more than just travel vaccines. Our clinics offer general range of medical services.

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Travel Vaccine Schedules Book Online Now

Travel Vaccine schedules

Always aim to book your travel vaccine appointment 4-8 weeks before you travel in case you require a course of vaccinations.

However it’s never too late for a travel consultation and always advisable to consider some last minute vaccines rather than risk travelling without any protection.


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