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Finding real news in a ‘fake news’ world

It's more important than ever to use trusted news sources

In these days of ‘fake news’ on everything from Covid to celebrity deaths, it’s important to know that the online sources you use are a trustworthy way of keeping up to date.

To make matters worse, fake accounts and websites make the job even harder, with seemingly legitimate news sources, or impersonators, adding to the confusion.

To help you navigate through the multitude of sources out there, here’s a few official and trusted places that you should check out and bookmark in your web browser for future reference:

World Health Organisation (WHO)

WHO provide a wealth of up-to-date information on all health & environment matters around the World, not least of all when it comes to Covid-19.

They have some great content too, to educate and inform, as below:

The official Government website for travel advice & Covid guidelines:


Official National Health Service (NHS) web pages:

News channels

The official websites of some of the UK’s news channels:

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