Estrogen and the effect on Men’s Health

What function does Estrogen serve?

Two main sex hormones help the normal functioning of each gender, for women it is called estrogen and for men testosterone. Both play an important role in how we function as people but surprisingly estradiol (the main form of estrogen) has been found to have some surprising benefits on Men’s day-to-day health.

What functions does estrogen perform?

As the major sex hormone in your body, estrogen does some important things that aren’t related to fertility. As a hormone, estrogen (mostly estradiol) acts on the parts of your body that have estrogen-specific hormone receptors. Estrogen is involved with numerous important functions throughout your body, including:

  • Sexual Development
  • Bone Development and Health
  • Heart Health
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Mood Management

In addition, estrogens appear to have a protective effect on neurodegenerative disorders characterized by major cognitive dysfunctions, including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

You can learn more about estrogen on the News Medical website here:

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