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West Nile Virus


The levels of the mosquito borne infection dengue is well recognised and now has a vaccine against it. However, dengue is only one member of a group of diseases spread by the same mosquito species.

Another increasingly important disease is West Nile Virus. Although unrelated to the great river this virus is one of the leading causes of od mosquito-borne disease in USA Spain and India.

Spain  have reported outbreaks around Seville and India in the southern state of Kerala.

Although rare this virus is also being closely monitored by the European Centre for Disease Control as it is also spread by the Aedes mosquito.

As there is no vaccine against the virus then bite protection against the mosquito must be used. This should be applied during the day-time particularly around dawn and dusk. All applications should be placed on top of any other creams such as sun cream and reapplied frequently, with the rule of thumb guide of 50mls per person per week advised.

Written by Derek Evans FFTM RCPS(Glasgow), FISTM, FRPharmS, FRGS

Travel Health and Vaccination Lead

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