Refund and Returns Policy

6. Cancelling your order and refunds

6.1 Subject to Clause 6.3 you may cancel the Contract for any Services (not including any consultation), if you notify us as set out in clause 6.4 if you notify us before 12pm on the day of shipping. You cannot cancel the Contract once we have completed the Services.

6.2 If you cancel the Contract for Services which includes a consultation you must notify us as set out in clause 6.4 at least 72 hours before the consultation is due to take place in order to receive a refund in accordance with clause 6.4. If you order a blood test online or via one of our clinics you must seek advice of your physician or other registered professional. We do not provided medical advice nor a substitute for medical advice.

6.3 If a kit that is provided as part of the Services has been opened and the seal broken the right to cancel under this clause 4 6 does not apply as these are not suitable for return. PLEASE NOTE: For public health reasons no cancelations of COVID-19 Test Kits can be accepted after a COVID-19 Test Kit has been shipped.

6.4 To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel in writing (e.g. a letter sent by post or email to If you are emailing us or writing to us, please include details and your digital receipt for your payment of your order to help us to identify it. If you send us your cancellation notice by email or by post, then your cancellation is effective from the date you send us the email or post the letter to us. For example, you will have given us notice in time as long as you get your letter into the last post on the last day of the cancellation period or email us before midnight on that day.

6.5 If you cancel the Contract, we will refund you in full for the price you paid for the Services using the same means of payment as used for your initial payment (unless expressly agreed otherwise) without due delay and in any event, not later than fourteen (14) days from the date we receive your notice in accordance with clause 6.4. We may deduct from any refund an amount for the supply of the Services provided for the period up to the time when you gave notice of cancellation in accordance with clause 6.4 and the differential increase in cost between the cost of standard delivery and an express delivery method selected by you if the product supplied as part of the Services was shipped.

Cancellation Admin Charges
Day 2 – £7 – Fee to cancel (10%)
Day 2 & 8 £14 Fee to cancel (10%)
Day 2, 5, 8 £19.50 Fee to cancel (10%)
LFT – £3 Fee to cancel (10%)

Customers who cancel a clinic appointment over 72 hours will lose their £25 non-refundable deposit

Clinic Appointments – Cancellation £25 (lost appointment and admin fee)

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