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Our CityDoc clinic in Benfleet is located near the centre which makes it easy for residents to get professional, discreet testing in our private sexual health clinics.

It is important to put your own health first and get tested regularly for STIs to protect your and your partner’s health. If you live in Benfleet you can find our STI clinic near you. If you suspect you might have an STD we recommend talking to our qualified specialist. Our personnel will be ready to provide you with information regarding testing or needed treatment. 


We offer the following STD tests in Benfleet


At our clinic in Benfleet we offer a wide range of different STD and STI test such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea & Herpes.

We recommend getting tested no earlier than 14 days for a Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea test and 45 days post contact for most of our sexual health screening. CityDoc’s sexual health service provides different treatments for infections to support you and maintain your ongoing sexual health wellbeing.

A general sexual health screening may involve a urine, blood test or swabs and consultations are available with one of our specialist clinicians. A full sexual health assessment will be performed, at the time of the appointment (consultation fees apply) and any necessary tests performed will incur an additional cost.


STD testing in Benfleet


The numbers for STI’s diagnosed among people living in Benfleet and Southeast England in 2020 was 38200 people.

The rate for people with a STI was 427 per 100,000 residents which was lower than the rate of 553 per 100,000 in all of England. Men and women have similar rates for new STI’s, 429 for men and 410 for women per 100,000 residents. Also in previous years, in 2020 the highest rates of STI diagnoses were, still seen in young people 15 to 24 years.


Our Sexual Health Clinics & GUM clinics in Benfleet


City Doc’s in-pharmacy clinic is located central in Benfleet. City Doc is a leading provider of national health services and here in Benfleet, our pharmacy clinic offers a wide range of STI and STD testing using the very best practices.

Our clinic can offer a quick and easy booking system both online and by phone for your desired service as well as last minute and walk in appointments.

Test results for our other sexual health services will be with you within a few days and maximum 5 working days.

Book your appointment today and get the proper healthcare you need at your local CityDoc.

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