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Welcome To CityDoc’s Travel Clinic in Leeds

CityDoc Travel Health Clinics in Leeds covering the following areas:

CityDoc Pudsey (Leeds)

23 Church Lane,
LS28 7LD

CityDoc West Leeds

Wortley Beck Health Centre,
Ring Rd,
LS12 5SG

CityDoc is your local leading provider of travel vaccinations.

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Our Travel Health Service

CityDoc, is your ideal provider, for travel health services in Leeds. Our clinics offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccines at competitive prices, in combination with the convenience of local high street locations and quality of service.

CityDoc’s Background

CityDoc opened its first location in 2006, in Moorgate, central London, followed by Oxford Circus in 2008. Since this time to meet the demand for local travel vaccinations services, we have expanded across all the major UK towns/cities.  The clinical staff are all trained by the CityDoc Medical Director and are supported by a team of experienced travel doctors, to aid our colleagues with the more challenging cases such as multiple background medical issues.

Our clinical staff  use Travax ( a highly respected NHS travel resource designed for health care professionals) to view the latest travel health alerts and recommendations for your particularly trip. Our website has been designed to include easy to view summary tables of the vaccine schedules, with the most important details highlighted such as age restrictions and exclusions. Additionally we have developed a comprehensive FAQ section, to answer your common queries. We want our clients to have easy access to information, before deciding to use our service and will continue to update our website accordingly.  Additionally if you have a query, please use the enquiries form.

Essential Vaccinations

When you attend for our travel consultation, you will be provided with a breakdown of the hierarchy of risk of each condition and advice regarding which vaccines we strongly recommend.

Strongly Recommended  Vaccines usually include-

Hepatitis A

A viral illness, which leads to liver inflammation (hepatitis). Spread via contaminated food/liquids.

Common Symptoms

  • tiredness
  • joint and muscle ache
  • a mild fever
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • upper stomach aches
Age rangeNumber of dosesInterval Between dosesBooster Requirement
From 1 year of age2 doses6-12 monthsBooster required after 25 years for ongoing risk


Typhoid fever  is a serious bacterial infection transmitted when travellers eat contaminated food or water.

Common Symptoms

  • a high temperature, often above 39 C
  • headaches
  • myalgia (muscle pain)
  • abdominal aches
  • nausea and anorexia
  • loss of appetite
  • Constipation and diarrhoea


Infection with the tetanus bacterium, can lead to lockjaw. The bacterium is spread through its  spores which are found most commonly in soil dust. The spores gain entry through small cuts/wounds and then inflict serious damage to the central nervous system. The most serious complications can occur, when the nerves supplying the lungs are affected. The combined vaccine (Revaxis), is only suitable for clients above the age of 10 years of age.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of dosesBooster Requirement
From 10 yrs of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 doseBooster required every 10 yrs if travelling to developing countries

Our Medical Services

Travel Health – Book Online or Phone for Same Day Appts.
Speciality Children’s Vaccines – Chickenpox vaccines, Group B Meningitis Vaccines

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Which vaccinations for my destination?

Which vaccinations for my destination

Our travel health professionals will provide you with up to date destination specific advice.

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Walk In or Same Day Appointments available.

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CityDoc -The Trusted Vaccine experts

CityDoc -The Trusted Vaccine experts

CityDoc is a trusted provider of travel vaccines at clinics throughout the UK. Established in 2006 we have over 250 000 registered clients. Led by a team of Experienced General Practitioners.

CityDoc provides more than just travel vaccines. Our clinics offer general range of medical services.

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Travel Vaccine Schedules – Book Now

Travel Vaccine schedules

Always aim to book your travel vaccine appointment 4-8 weeks before you travel in case you require a course of vaccinations.

However it’s never too late for a travel consultation and always advisable to consider some last minute vaccines rather than risk travelling without any protection.

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