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Welcome To CityDoc’s Travel Clinics In Hertfordshire

x5 CityDoc Travel Health Clinics in Hertfordshire covering the following areas:

CityDoc Ashwell

22 High St,

CityDoc Berkhamsted

224 High St,

CityDoc Borehamwood

87-89 Shenley Road

CityDoc Royston

24 High Street

CityDoc Stevenage

84 High St,

Our Hertfordshire Service 

CityDoc’s mission is to provide high quality healthcare clinics across Hertfordshire. Local services, with a standardised evidenced based approach to travel health . We utilise Travax ( an NHS resource specifically for health care professionals, which is regularly updated to take account of the latest disease outbreaks)

We are pleased to offer:

  • Same Day Booking
  • Free Travel Consults
  • Full range of vaccinations
  • Anti-malarials dispensed on-site
  • Full range of vaccinations including rarer jabs such as Japanese encephalitis.

CityDoc is one of the UK’s largest travel health networks, with over 150 locations and is a trusted organisation, having seen over 250, 000 clients since 2006. Your health care information, is securely held on our our online consultation software for future reference. See our numerous vaccination pages for comprehensive reference material. Each page is designed in a set format to include – disease information, inclusion criteria, pregnancy/breast feeding considerations, side effects, interactions and common FAQs.


Our Most Commonly Recommended Vaccines 

After carrying our travel consultation, we will advise you of the recommended vaccines for your specific trip.  We will divide our recommendations into those vaccines that are highly recommended and inoculations to consider.

Highly Recommended Vaccines-

Hepatitis A

A viral infection,which can cause liver inflammation. Over 1.4 million symptomatic cases world wide each year.  Spread is via oral/faecal route.

Age rangeNumber of dosesInterval Between dosesBooster Requirement
From 1 year of age2 doses6-12 monthsBooster required after 25 years for ongoing risk


Typhoid fever , a bacterial illness spread through contaminated food/liquids. Highest incidence in countries with poor sanitation.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of doses
From 2 years of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 dose


Tetanus is caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani’s spores, which are found in soil and animal manure. Causes damage to the nervous system, leading to muscle spasm and occasionally respiratory failure as result for muscle weakness.

Polio is a viral illness which affects the spinal cord and central nervous system of infected individuals. Spread because of poor sanitation from person-person.  Paralysis the most severe complication very rarely occurs occurs.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of dosesBooster Requirement
From 10 yrs of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 doseBooster required every 10 yrs if travelling to developing countries

Sometimes Recommended Vaccines

Hepatitis B 

Hepatitis B is the leading cause of liver cancer world wide. It is a virus transmitted via blood and sexual contact. It can be easily prevented through a vaccination programme as outlined below, which then lasts for life.

Rabies Vaccination

The rabies vaccination is an inactivated vaccine containing dead virus. It cannot cause the disease in the vaccinated individual, but allows effective antibodies to form against the virus which can defend the body quickly if exposure to rabies virus occurs.


Vaccination prior to travel  to be considered for anyone going to live in or who are travelling to high risk destinations. This is particularly important if their travel activities are likely to increase the risk of exposure, such as trekking or travel in rural areas. It should also be considered if travelling to countries or areas where post exposure medical care may not be accessible within 24 hours.

The rabies jab is particularly important for children going to live or stay for prolonged periods in high risk destinations, as they have an increased chance of being exposed and developing symptoms rapidly.


Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of DosesInterval Between Doses
From Birth onwardsIntramuscular injection to the thigh or deltoid depending on age3 doses2nd dose given minimum 7 days after first and third dose given minimum 14 days after 2nd dose.

Our Services

Travel Health – Book Online 24/7. Appointments Monday-Saturday.
Speciality Children’s Vaccines – Chickenpox vaccines, Group B Meningitis
Private Blood tests – includes female hormone profiles, well man/well woman profiles, prostate, diabetes and thyroid screening
Healthcare Worker -BCG scar checks,occupational health immunity tests and vaccines.

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