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Welcome To CityDoc’s Travel Clinics In Surrey

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Our Medical Service Vision

CityDoc’s core aim is to  provide standardised high quality medical services, at local clinics across the Surrey.  We specialise in the provision of vaccinations for both travel and occupational health needs. Additionally a number of our clinics are expanding their range of services to include private blood screening.

We are proud to provide-

  • Free Travel Health Consults
  • Same Day Appts
  • Yellow Fever vaccines and certification
  • Extensive range of vaccines always in stock
  • Anti-malarials dispensed on site
  • Discounted Essential Travel Vaccine Package.

CityDoc’s first clinic opened in 2006 in central London. As our popularity grew, we received an increasing number of requests from around the UK. To meet this demand we have opened up over 150 + clinics, specialising in the provision of vaccinations. Our staff are supported by a central team of travel health doctors, who have designed their training programme and the standard operating procedure for the service. Your vaccine records are held securely on our online consultation platform, and this information is accessible at any of our nationwide locations. During your consultation, you will have a risk assessment to determine what level of vaccine coverage to recommend. We have access to the latest travel health alerts and infectious disease breakout information using Travax (a highly respected NHS resource specifically designed for professional use.

We understand the importance of information for our clients. We have written detailed facts about each inoculation so you can be fully informed before attending. If you can not see the answer on the relevant webpage, please use the enquiries section of our website, to ask our medial team for more information.


The Essential Travel Vaccinations

During the consultation our clinical staff will advise which vaccines are most important for your specific needs.  Additionally we will also discuss vaccines, that are worth considering as second line choices such as hepatitis B and rabies.

Usually Recommended Vaccines-

Hepatitis A

A viral illness, which leads to liver inflammation (hepatitis). Spread via contaminated food/liquids.

Common Symptoms

  • lethargy/malaise
  • joint and muscle pain
  • a mild temperature
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • feeling or being sick
  • upper abdominal pain


Age rangeNumber of dosesInterval Between dosesBooster Requirement
From 1 year of age2 doses6-12 monthsBooster required after 25 years for ongoing risk


Typhoid fever  is a serious bacterial infection transmitted when travellers eat contaminated food or water.

Common Symptoms

  • a high fever, often above 39 C
  • headaches
  • myalgia (muscle pain)
  • abdominal discomfort
  • nausea and reduced appetite
  • loss of appetite
  • lethargy
  • Constipation (adults) and diarrhoea (children)
Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of doses
From 2 years of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 dose

Diphtheria/Tetanus/polio (Revaxis)

Tetanus is a significant bacterial infection (organism-Clostridium tetani).  The bacterium’s spores (which are most found in soil  and animal manure), gain entry via weaknesses such as wounds and cause muscle spasms through effects on the nervous system.

Age rangeMethod of AdministrationNumber of dosesBooster Requirement
From 10 yrs of ageIntramuscular injection to the deltoid muscle1 doseBooster required every 10 yrs if travelling to developing countries

Our Surrey Medical Services

Travel Health – Book Online 24/7.  Same Day Appointments.
Speciality Children’s Vaccines – Chickenpox vaccinations, Group B Meningitis
Private Blood tests – 50 + test options including Full Blood Counts, Cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid
Healthcare Worker -BCG scar checks,occupational health immunity screening and vaccines.

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