The country of Malawi is geographically diverse, making it a great place to visit to enjoy a variety of everything Africa has to offer. This friendly and varied country makes Malawi a fantastic tourist destination. From safari holidays to white sandy beaches with thrilling water sports, there’s something for everyone! 

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Travel Health Information

Visitors to Malawi usually have safe and trouble free trips. We advise you to take the same level of care over your own personal security just like you would whilst travelling anywhere else in the world. It’s worth being vigilant in crowded areas such as popular tourist destinations and public transport hubs. Making use of your hotel safe to store your important documents and valuables, rather than carrying them around with you is also advised.

Be careful walking in quiet or unfamiliar areas, especially after dark, as driving in Malawi can be dangerous due to roads and cars often being in poor condition. Driving standards are also generally low, so if you prefer to use a taxi, we’d advise speaking to your hotel or guide to arrange a licensed one for you. 

Cholera is a common occurrence in Malawi once the rainy season begins, usually from November to April. Stick to drinking only bottled water, and be wary about food hygiene to reduce your risk of becoming ill whilst travelling. HIV/AIDS is extremely high within the general population of Malawi, more so than elsewhere in the world, so be careful to take the usual precautions to avoid exposure.

Malaria is also present in Malawi, so it’s advised you consult a travel clinic to gain the necessary medication and pre-travel advice. In regards to Yellow Fever, a vaccination certificate is only required for travellers arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission, and are over 9 months old. This is also the case for travellers who have transited more than 12 hours through the airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. 

Malawi has a national healthcare service which is free to residents, however there is a short supply of medical practitioners across the nation. Resources are likely to be limited, and so visitors to the country are often expected to pay for any needed treatment upfront, and so travel insurance is a must before travelling here.


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Destination Information for Malawi

What makes Malawi even more of a special place to visit are the welcoming and enthusiastic locals. You’ll meet many locals during your trip, and no doubt be charmed by their vibrant and colourful personalities. Why not stay overnight in one of the villages to sample their culture, tradition and daily life first hand? 

Blantyre is the thriving capital city of Malawi, situated in the south of the country. Here you’ll find a good range of hotels and restaurants, along with a bustling street market culture. The old colonial capital, Zumba, is also close by and is home to British colonial architecture as well as offering lots of delicious Indian food. 

If relaxation is what you’re after, head to Cape Maclear for beaches and swimming. Located to the south of Lake Malawi, the fishing village has crystal clear water and pure sandy beaches, making it a tourist favourite. For trekking and wildlife exploration, head to Mount Mulanje and the Zomba Plateau in the south of Malawi. 

From mountainous peaks to lush river valleys, Malawi has so much to offer visitors. The dry season, from May to July is the best time to go for a comfortable visit. After this, in October and November the weather can be very hot, but this does mean you’ll find better wildlife viewing during these months. 

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