American Samoa

American Samoa, as its name suggests, is an American territory in the South Pacific. Consisting of seven islands, Tutuila is the largest and is home to the capital city Pago Pago. The capital remains a traditional fishing town in a natural harbour, and is surrounded by volcanic peaks, including Rainmaker Mountain. The islands of American Samoa are home to many beautiful towns and villages, as well as tropical rainforests and lush woodland.

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Travelling to American Samoa is comparatively unrestricted as citizens of many Western countries do not need a visa to gain entry to the country. Direct flights to/from Hawaii and Samoa are available from Pago Pago International Airport, and wider international connections are available from those locations. American Samoa may not be the easiest destination to travel to for many tourists, the idyllic scenery and the idea of being on a forgotten island is well worth the journey.


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Destination Information for American Samoa

Most visitors to the islands come for the stunning views across the islands hiking trails through the mountains of the American Samoa’s National Park. The gorgeous sandy beaches on the island of Ofu are also a major draw for tourists. There is also tropical marine life which surrounds the islands, so snorkelling is a highly recommended activity to take in the fascinating and colourful underwater views.

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Malaria is not normally present in American Samoa.

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