A visit to Antarctica will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore somewhere truly unlike any other place on earth, a magical world where all home comforts are left behind.

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The harsh weather conditions make Antarctica the coldest, direst and windiest destination on the planet. The top health risk for travellers is the extremely low temperatures, and so visitors should always make sure they have the appropriate kit and clothing before travelling here. The glare from the sun on the snow can be so bright that visitors risk damaging their eyes and skin, and so protective eyewear is also highly recommended. You must always take adequate food and essential supplies with you, even if you’re travelling as part of an organised tour. It’s also recommended that you have means of summoning help and communicating your location in the unfortunate event of an emergency.


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Destination Information for Antarctica

Home to the South Pole, Antarctica is the most southerly continent in the world, but is almost completely uninhabited due to it being home to the most harsh conditions and it’s inaccessibility. Antarctica’s most common visitors are researchers, however some do travel as part of organised trips or expeditions to see the incredible sights of towering glaciers and icebergs, as well as the population of penguins, whales and other wildlife.

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