French Polynesia

Located halfway between California and Australia, French Polynesia is an overseas territory of France situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is made up of over 100 islands and stretches over 2,000km. Often referred to as the Islands of Tahiti, this collection of islands is split into 5 archipelagos. There may be a large number of islands which make up this country, but many of the islands are uninhabited, and the landmass is only 1,600 square miles.

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Malaria is not normally present in French Polynesia.


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Destination Information for French Polynesia

Surrounded by lagoons and coral reef, the Society Islands are the most inhabited group in French Polynesia. Tahiti island is home to the capital, Papeete, which hosts a number of tourist friendly attractions such as hotels and resorts, as well as a reasonable public transport system.

French Polynesia is the perfect location for travellers looking for relaxation with a tranquil and idyllic backdrop. As well as beaches and beauty, there’s also lots of colonial history to explore including its dramatic past with political changes. The best time of year for most tourists to visit is between November and April, which is French Polynesia’s summer. As the weather here is tropical, there’s a high chance of cyclones during the other months of the year. French Polynesia is home to the oyster Pinctada Margaritifera, creator of the rare Black Pearl, which makes for an exquisite piece of jewellery and a really special souvenir!

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