Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is truly a beautiful country. Malaysia is a mixture of old and new, with the country developing more and more into a wonderful modern world. There is still a lot of ancient traditions still seen in the country today, such as lots of festivals throughout the year including Ramadan – a fasting period for Muslims. During this period, non-Muslims are expected to respect this tradition by not eating or drinking in public places. Chinese New Year is huge in Malaysia – this is a festival and celebration worth watching.

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Malaysia is a land of contrasts, and that applies to healthcare in the country too! While private and government run hospitals and facilities in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities are excellent, they are expensive to use. Ensure that your travel insurance is adequate for your trip, and that you have funds with you to cover the cost of essential treatment as all services are chargeable.

As a bustling, multicultural country, Malaysia is welcoming to tourists, however you should be respectful of local traditions and customs. The main religion is Muslim. If you’re travelling to Malaysia during Ramadan, make sure you are aware of how to behave during this time. Protect yourself and your possessions against petty crime by not carrying valuables with you, staying in a group and avoiding travelling alone after dark. Pickpocketing, bag snatching and theft targeting tourists is common.

Road conditions in the west of Malaysia bordering Thailand are generally good, but are less so in the east of the country. During the rainy season between October and February, the country may experience severe storms and flooding. Check the local conditions for your specific destination before you travel. Mosquito borne disease like, dengue fever and the Zika virus are present, use 50% deet over your sunscreen during the day to prevent mosquito bites. It is a Japanese encephalitis endemic area, discuss the option of vaccination with a travel clinic before you travel. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant you should not visit.


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Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, once a small shanty town, now has towering skyscrapers and an incredible cultural society. This is a beautiful city to visit while exploring the country. The food here is exquisite! Malaysia has a vast assortment of dishes from all over the world, from curries and Chinese cuisine to western dishes and an International menu. You will be spoilt for choice on what to eat as there are food stalls everywhere you go.

Before heading off for a holiday of a lifetime in Malaysia, book an appointment at London Travel Clinic with one of our travel nurses.  Our fully trained nurses are here to advise you on the correct Malaysia Travel Vaccinations you are required as well as recommended vaccinations to have before you travel.

Infections and Outbreaks frequently change from country to country and by attending our clinics you will be given the most up to date clinical and safety advice from our team of specialists. Our advice to you often includes aspects such as:

  • Food and water hygiene
  • Insect and animal bite avoidances
  • Personal safety
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sun protection
  • Altitude sickness

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