Over the years, Azerbaijan, nicknamed the ‘Land of Fire’, has welcomed the influence of western progress. However it still retains key elements of the eastern culture which gives the country its sense of identity.

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Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, is one of the quickest growing cities in the world. The city has a truly unique feel as new skyscrapers tower over ancient buildings. Architectural must-sees include the UNESCO-listed Old City which is surrounded by 12th century defensive walls, as well as Shirvanshahs’ Palace. 

Although Baku is mostly surrounded by semi-desert terrain, the western parts of Azerbaijan are home to mountains and forests. The landscape is full of colour thanks to the striking flora which really brings it to life. It’s well worth a visit to the Hirkin National Park to experience the natural beauty which can be found in the southern region of the country. The stunning park is almost untouched by humans, meaning the wildlife has been able to thrive. 

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