Brazil is a vibrant country full of music, fun, vitality and everything you need to have a fantastic holiday. It is South America’s largest country with a large atmosphere to go with it. Why not sit on the beach sipping a cocktail, visit the historic towns, explore the Amazonian rainforests or just sit back and take in the sights.

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Travel Health Information

All travellers to Brazil should take sensible health precautions by reducing exposure to germs, choosing safe food and drink, preventing insect bites and avoiding sharing bodily fluids. Brazil is currently experiencing an outbreak of the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects. Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should not travel to Brazil. Some parts of Brazil are risk areas for Yellow Fever: a vaccination certificate is required for all travellers in order to enter the country.

Wherever you’re visiting in Brazil, whether it’s a big city or a remote area, make sure you do your research on your destination. Carry a list of useful phone numbers, and ensure you know how to get help in an emergency. You can minimise the risk to your personal safety by making sure you always travel as part of a group, following local laws and customs, and avoiding wearing flashy or obviously valuable items. During busy times such as the Carnival and festival periods, be extra vigilant with your personal possessions.

Some areas of Brazil have particular high altitude, such as the Guiana Highlands on the border with Venezuela, while others have low altitude. Be aware of the effects the change in altitude may have on your body and take time to acclimatise properly. You should make sure you know the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness, as this can be very dangerous.


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Destination Information for Brazil

Brazil has a year round warm climate, perfect for topping up that tan. The seasons in Brazil are the opposite of the seasons we have here in the UK – summer is from December to February, and winter is from June to August, making Brazil a great country for a winter getaway.

When visiting Brazil, you can hike through the National Parks or enjoy the carnivals, street parties and festivals which happen throughout the year. 

As you relax in the Brazilian sunshine, make sure you have received the appropriate travel vaccinations before departure. Yellow fever is high-risk in many parts of Brazil and outbreaks do occur please check with your specialist on what vaccines you need to protect you.

Hepatitis A, Typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and polio vaccines are recommended to all travellers. Rabies is high-risk in this country and malaria evident in parts of the country. Our specialist travel nurses will identify exactly what you need for your trip.

Infections and Outbreaks frequently change from country to country and by attending our clinics you will be given the most up to date clinical and safety advice from our team of specialists. Our advice to you often includes aspects such as:

  • Food and water hygiene
  • Insect and animal bite avoidances
  • Personal safety
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sun protection
  • Altitude sickness

Highlights of Brazil

Christ The Redeemer

The most famous status of Jesus Christ, is located at over 2000 feet at the peak of the Corcovado mountain. The statue itself is approximately 40 meters tall and is an icon of Brazil.

Christ The Redeemer

The Ignacu Falls

This great natural wonder of the world consists over over 200 separate falls along the Iguazu River. The most visually stunning is the Devil’s Throat, standing at over 250 feet.


The Rio Carnival

The most famous and largest is known simply as the Carnival in Riode Janeiro. Typically over 2 million people are present each day. The excitement and celebrations spill over into all aspects of the place including night clubs, bars, squares and streets.


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