Allergy Testing
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Allergy Testing FAQ’s

Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment?

A patient history is required from you and this process can be accelerated before your appointment through the Pharma-Doctor website, if you have booked the appointment through them. This will be sent via a secure link. Alternately we can do this together at your consultation in the clinic. Vaccination UK will contact you with the allergy test results.

Do the allergy tests check for intolerances?

The allergy test does not provide results for intolerances.

What type of allergens does the allergy test test for?

The test analyses 290+ allergens and the allergen specific IgE and total IgE. All allergens that are tested are divided into the following groups:

Pollen - 59
Pets - 25
Mites - 19
Insect stings - 10
Foods - 154
Moulds & yeasts - 13
Other allergens - 14
Total = 294

How long with the home test take?

We recommend you set aside 30 mins to take the test. There are full step by step instructions included with the kit to ensure the test is as simple as possible to carry out.

How does the test work?

Your blood sample is analysed using the cutting-edge technology ALEX–Allergy Explorer. ALEX provides extensive multiplex testing of IgE levels.

IgE levels are specific antibodies in our body which plays a vital role in identifying allergic reactions to different substances. Our test can detect specific IgE antibodies and recognise potential triggers.

Our test highlights your body’s reactions to 294 allergen extracts and allergen components. Providing comprehensive precision testing, including recognising individual proteins in an allergen source.

How reliable are the home allergy tests?

The accuracy of a blood test for allergy testing is generally high. Allergy blood tests are complex and progressing all the time and becoming more precise. The Home Allergy Test analyses your blood to determine a reaction to 290+ allergen extracts and allergen components.

What happens if I have any problems when using the home kit?

If you are experiencing any problems when using the kit, sending the blood sample or understanding your results, please reach out to us and we will always do our best to help you.

What happens if I would like a refund on the home test kit?

You will not qualify for a refund if you have already received your Home Allergy Test kit and/or shipped your blood sample to the laboratory.

My home test kit has arrived damaged, what do I do?

If for any reason your home test kit has arrived damaged or there is something within your Home Allergy Test kit which is broken, please contact our customer service team who will assist you further.

What happens next once I receive my allergy test results?

The test results may identify allergens which might be causing your symptoms (or not) whilst ruling out others. The test provides a detailed overview of your sensitivity to certain allergens. The test results are the first step to finding out if you have allergies.

We therefore strongly recommend making an appointment with your local CityDoc clinic or GP to discuss results and possible medication if required.

Our specialist nurses or your GP will be able to help recommend medications to help with allergy relief and our allergy test is the first step to relieving any symptoms you may already have. Our allergy test is designed to give you peace of mind and to help you get back you back on track.

We recommend that all test results are discussed with either our specialist nurses or your GP along with your symptoms and medical history. We strongly advise against making any current medication or diet changes unless you have discussed the results and your medical history your doctor first.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

For all clinic attendees we require 48 hour’s notice for any cancellations. Anything less than this will incur an admin cost.

Will you prescribe treatment for children?

Child treatment options can be discussed in clinic, but our recommendation would be to see their GP to discuss results in more detail.

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