New Accelerated Schedule for Rabies Vaccination

A new accelerated schedule has been licensed for rabies vaccination. Travellers who do not have enough time before their departure can now have the 3 doses of the rabies vaccination given over 7 days (day 0, day 3 and day 7). A fourth dose is required at 12 months for long lasting protection.

This means that travellers will be able to complete the full course even if they have less than 2 weeks before their trip.

Completely all three dose of the rabies vaccine means that in the event of an animal bite, only 1 further dose would be required for treatment instead of 4 vaccination doses. Additionally, the need for emergency Human Rabies Immunoglobulin (a blood product, which can be difficult to get hold off in many countries) is removed.

More Information On The New Rabies Schedule

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