Travel Health News March 13th 2016

Yellow Fever Outbreaks

News from National Health and Family Planning Commission in China.

Case Report of a man who was found to have confirmed yellow fever in Beijing, China.

The man in question had returned from Luanda, Angola with symptoms of a high fever. There is currently a large outbreak of yellow fever in Angola.

Travel Advice

It is important to remember China has yellow fever vaccination certificate requirements for all those over the age of 9 months. Although there is no actual yellow fever in China, the risk of a potential outbreak is there, because of the presence of the mosquito vector – Aedes Aegypt. An outbreak would require first an infected individual to enter the area and then subsequently to be bitten by the vector mosquito.

Make sure you attend your local Travel Clinic for yellow fever at least ten days before departure. The vaccination lasts for life and the certificate for a minimum of 10 years.

Yellow fever is a live vaccine and there are a number of contraindications so its important you attend a registered yellow fever travel clinic for expert advice. Yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated in those with a true egg allergy.


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