Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Yellow Fever Vaccination & Outbreaks

Yellow fever infection is present in regions of South and Central America as well as Africa.

Increase in disease activity was observed with outbreaks in seven countries across South America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil between January 2016 and December 2017.

Brazil continues to suffer with new cases being reported. The risk areas for infection has now extended across the country and includes the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. The map below taken from the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention shows the current situation in Brazil.

Confirmed cases of yellow fever

About Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a viral infection that is spread by the Aedes spp of mosquito. The mosquito bites during the daytime.

The symptoms present after 3-6 days of contracting the infection with high temperature, muscle aches and loss of appetite. Patients can recover after this stage or go on to develop the severe (Toxic) form of the disease which consists of internal bleeding, organ failure and death. There is no treatment for the infection. Therefore, prevention is key.

There is a highly effective vaccine against yellow fever infection, which takes effect in 10 days and provides protection for a lifetime. The vaccine can be given from 9 months of age.

The vaccine is available at CityDoc Travel Clinics registered as Yellow Fever Centres through the National Health and Travel Network (NaTHNaC).

You can book a free travel consultation at your local CityDoc Travel clinic for assessment of your risk of contracting this potentially fatal, but easily preventable illness and your suitability for vaccination.

Please note that although there no requirement to show proof of vaccination to enter Brazil if you are travelling from the UK, the current outbreak and risk of the disease in Brazil, means that vaccination should be considered for all travelers to risk areas to prevent acquiring this deadly infection.


Dr Shalini Mahtha
Medical Director

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